Curriculum Vitae

Name: Kervin Robinson Jr.
Work Address: Southeast College, 6815 Rustic Ave., Houston, TX 77087
Office Telephone Number: 281-546-6494
Institutional Email Address: kervin.robinsonjr



Bachelor Degree in Design Engineering Technology /1979/ Xavier University-New

Orleans, Louisiana

Associate Degree in Electro-Mechanical Technology /2000/ Houston Community

College-Houston, Texas


Teaching Experience:

01/1989 to Present

College: Houston Community College District

Part-Time Instructor at Houston Community College with over twelve years of experience in teaching

Descriptive Geometry, Technical Drafting, AutoCAD, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Civil and other

Technology classes.

Professional, Technical, and Work-related Experience:

2008 to 2010

Company:   Fluor Enterprises, Inc. 

Position:     Senior Electrical Designer (contract)

This involves interprets of applies codes, job procedures, standards and specifications in understanding the design/drafting of multiple disciplines of On and Off Shore oil and gas platform projects. These multiple support tasks include preparation of AutoCAD complex designs and layout drawings with information for bid packages. 


2006 to 2008

Company:   El Paso Pipeline Company     

Position:     Senior Electrical Designer (contract)

This involves understanding NEC specifications and company standards for maintenance capital, compressor, meter, storages and process station projects. These tasks include preparation of Pipeline Stations drawings in AutoCAD and revising raster drawings with field data information of pipeline and calculations within a construction packages.


2005 to 2006

Company:   Freeman & Curiel Engineers, LLP                                          

Position:     Quality/ Drawing/ Checker (contract)          

This involves GE LM6000 & LMS100 Turbine Power Package Drawings. Checking and marking up AutoCAD drawings within project to meet company standards and customer specifications.


2004 to 2005

Company:   Rolls-Royce Energy Systems, Inc.                                                        

Position:     Electrical/ Controls Designer (contract)

Design of RB211 Power Turbine Packages for oil and gas applications used for on and offshore locations. These  tasks include preparation of AutoCAD complex designs and layout drawings for a construction packages.


2002 to 2004

Company:   Champion Elevators Inc.      

Position:     Senior Designer

Design of Industrial Rack and Pinion Elevators using the industry standards and per ANSI specifications and API codes for applications of Indoor and Outdoor locations. Preparation of Electro-Mechanical packaging in AutoCAD that include control systems with panel layouts drawings and BOM.

2000 to 2002

Company:   Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc.                                                        

Position:     Senior Designer (contract)

Instrumentation Design for MRC Nox Refining and Chemical plant to meet the latest industrial and standards specification of CSE codes that include AutoCAD drawings.


1992 to 2000

Company:   Siemens Applied Automation, Inc.                                                        

Position:     CAD/Senior Designer

Design of process analysis systems including shelters or electrical control systems with sample system and analyzer systems packaged to meet ISO-9000 specifications with company and customer requirement that includes AutoCAD detail drawings.

1990 to 1992

Company:   Cooper Oil Tool, Industries                                                     

Position:     Instrument Designer (contract)

Designed marine subsea control valves with power systems, gate and pipeline valves, wellhead, skid with mounted equipments to meet ASME specifications and API codes. Preparation of AutoCAD drawings to meet any general design or to satisfy a customer’s requirements.


1988 to 1990

Company:   International Switchboard Corporation                                     

Position:     Structural Designer

Design and detail drawing packaged of Navy electrical control systems in AutoCAD. Design preparation of high shock and vibration systems that include the calculations for strength of material, vibration and with modal analysis to meet MIL-STD's specifications.

1987 to 1988

Company:   Mobile Equipment Corporation                                                 

Position:     Senior Designer

Design packaged of Service Utility Truck with bucket boom that is utilized on high aerial device truck in assembly, testing and manufacture of product parts to meet ASME specifications and API codes. Preparation of complex AutoCAD drawings of custom truck body parts and accessories.


1986 to 1987

Company:   American Gear & Supply Co., Inc.                                            

Position:     Senior Draftsman (contract)

Design of gears, cams and sprockets for special rotation machinery parts within a packaged. These design packaged drawings include assembly and sub-assembly drawings that meet Commercial and Medical design specifications and codes.


1985 to 1986

Company:   Ruska Instrument Corporation                                                   

Position:     Mechanical Designer (contract)

Drawing packaged of process control systems and consoles with instrumentation to meet ANSI specifications and API codes with company standards. These projects include drawings of assembly and sub-assembly.


1979 to 1984

Company:   Process Systems, Inc.                                                                 

Position:     Instrument Designer

Drawing packaged of process control systems with instrumentation to meet ANSI specifications and API codes with company standards.

Professional Achievements and Publications:

Fluor Incorporation of Certificate of Appreciation Award, 2009

International Switchboard Corporation an Excellence Award, 1989

HCCS Academic of Centificate of Appreciation Award, 1997